Dr. Jay Cummings and a doctoral graduate – Awarded

(From left to right: Dr. Cherry Gooden, Dr. Emiel Owens, Dr. Dawn Dubose Randle, Dr. Jay)

A professor and a doctoral graduate from College of Education at Texas Southern University received awards from the 2015 National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) in Washington, DC. NABSE presented Dr. Jay Cummings with the Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions that spoke to the significant theme of “Saving African-American Children” and honoring significant efforts of their teachers and administrators. Previously, his outstanding engagement led to recognitions at prior NABSE conferences as the W.E.B. DuBois Hall of Fame Award and a Founder’s Award.

His leadership and engagement are represented by chairing NABSE’s Demonstration Schools and Communities Initiative, organizing as a Founder and providing presidential leadership in the establishment of affiliates that are operating in Texas. Also included in the listings are: Dallas Regional Alliance of Black School Educators (DRABSE), the Austin Alliance of Black School Educators (ABSE), and the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators (TABSE).

NABSE recognized Dr. Dawn Dubose Randle, a doctoral graduate from the College of Education at Texas Southern University, as the recipient of the “Principal of the Year Award” for outstanding service to her school, students and community. Also, during this dedicated service, Dr. Randle led the Houston Area Alliance of Black School Educators (HAABSE) to operationalize that “all children can learn when our educators teach effectively.”

Recently retired, Dr. Cherry Gooden, Dr. Emile Owens, TSU-COE Professor, and Dr. Rosalyn Vaughn, TSU-COE doctoral graduate provided support and congratulations to the awardees.