We offer online program leading to the M. Ed degree in Educational Administration and Counseling.

College of Education at Texas Southern University offers programs leading to the M. Ed degree in Educational Administration and Counseling beginning the fall semester of 2012.

These programs include:

  • Master of Education Degree in Educational Administration with principal certificate (42 hrs.)
  • Master of Education degree in Educational Administration (no certificate) (36 hrs.)
  • Principal Certificate in Educational Administration (30 hrs.)
  • Master of Education Degree in Counseling (48-54 hrs.)


All College of Education programs will focus on the use of online learning to build the capacity of students and will provide a quality educational or certificate program to individuals seeking either a Master’s Degree or certification in their respective area. These programs will allow participants to pursue their degree, certification and/or licensure through a rigorous program of standards-based technology and enhanced online courses. All curriculum materials created are in alignment with state and national standards.


All candidates will be appointed an academic advisor to assist in the development of a degree plan. Continued consultation and advisement will insure successful completion of the program.



Dr. Danita Bailey-Perry
Education Administration
Dr. Candy Ratliff